Marc Camoletti




Marc Camoletti


Omladinka film house

Text Adaptation

Branislava Ilic


Predrag Stojmenovic

Costume Designer

Ana Vasiljevic

Set Designer

Ugljesa Vrcelj

Assistant Director

Milica Gojkovic


October, 10th, 2012.


90 minutes


Radovan Vujovic


Jelena Gavrilovic

Janet, stewardess in the American Company Val

Marina Vodenicar / Jelisaveta Orasanin

Berthe, Bernard’s maid

Viktor Savic

Robert, Bernard’s friend

Nada Macankovic / Andrijana Oliveric

Jacqueline, stewardess in the French Company Air France

Borka Tomovic

Judith, stewardess in the German Company Lufhansa

О представи

BOEING BOEING written by Marc Camoletti is a 1960s hit comedy. The first shows in Paris and London were being performed for twenty years. The play has premiered more than 200 times, and among the 4 films that were made according to the text the most famous one starred Jerry Lewis and Tony Curtis. Interestingly, the original text was so frequently adapted and adjusted to the countries where it was performed that it was often far removed from what it essentially is: vaudeville. The adaptation done by Branislava Ilic is based on a situational comedy, and is stripped of unnecessary humour in the parts that are already obviously funny. Revival of the spirit of Paris of the 1960s gives the play a special style since this show functions best in the context of the time when it was written, and that was the time of huge changes: the hippie movement appeared, sexist and racist taboos were toppled, TV and popular culture developed. Mathematically precise, set in Paris of the time, the play BOEING BOEING is not only funny, but also poetic.

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