Filip Vujosevic




Filip Vujosevic


Veljko Micunovic


Vesna Popovic

Costume Designer

Jelena Stokuca


Dragisa Curguz

Assistent Scenographer

Tamara Brankovic

Stage Manager

Rade Stojiljkovic

Lighting Designer

Radovan Samolov

Sound Designer

Nikola Jovovic

Property Master

Dragana Andjelkovic


Miodrag Tesovic and Vukasin Rakic

Wardrobe Assistant

Jelena Dunjic

Makeup Artist

Branislava Ilic


November, 16th, 2016.


75 minutes


Nebojsa Dugalic


Natasa Ninkovic


Slaven Doslo


Isidora Simijonovic


Olga Odanovic


Tamara Krcunovi


Iz predstave Gozba
Iz predstave Gozba
Iz predstave Gozba
Iz predstave Gozba
Iz predstave Gozba
Iz predstave Gozba

Filip Vujosevic

A word by the writer

How the workers became modern

The play „About the ruin of the Serbian working family” was written in 2000. In the new production in Zvezdara theater, on the proposal of the director Veljko Micunovic, it is performed under the name „Tha feast”, while the subtitle is the original title of the drama, in which one word was changed: „About the ruin of the Serbian modern family”. A seemingly unimportant intervention speaks exactly about the essence of the changes that our society has gone through in the past fifteen years. Sometimes, a story about a family that is barely making ends meet and tirelessly playing games of chance, hoping to find an exit from an endless situation, it was only logical to put into the hands of a failed working family. Otherwise it would not be convincing. Only for the working class was reserved this existence on the margins of the society followed by faith in the higher power that will bring about betterment. For the citizens, there was something else, more sophisticated and more dignity. Today, it seems that this story works if it is housed in any average Serbian family, regardless of whether it is a „working” or a „civilian”. In other words, workers became citizens, citizens remained citizens, so now they are all citizens together. And they are all contemporary. And all of them are left alone to believe in higher power.


Veljko Micunovic

A word by the director

What is this feast, modern Serbian? Is it our everyday, distorted benchmarks in which abnormal entertainment has become, and what is normal so far? There is a feast where there is no sadness, no boredom. The feast is a general place where fires, indefensible, waiting, superstition, misunderstanding and misfortune are the comic absurd in which we live. We are so compelled to laugh at ourselves that this bitterness that spills the opium as one of the most noble fantasies about the better.

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