Dusan Kovacevic




Dusan Kovacevic


Dusan Kovacevic

Set Designer

Nenad Brkic

Costume Designer

Marina Vukasovic Medenica

Music Composer

Vladimir Markovic

Assistant Costume Designer

Olga Mrdjenovic

Stage Lightning Technician

Sonja Zugic

Sound Technician

Zoran Maric

Production Manager

Dragisa Curguz


January, 1st, 2012.


100 minutes


Dragan Petrovic Pele

Мilan, Ana’s husband

Danica Maksimovic

Аnа, Milan’s wife

Milica Mihajlovic

Ana’s Maid of Honour, the wife of the unfortunate singer Boban

Branimir Brstina

the Inspector, a top notch police officer

Radoslav Milenkovic

Vucko, the dog with all characterstics of a man

Dusan Kovacevic

A word by the author and director

… The play THE BEST PEOPLE (KUMOVI) is an unusual story about a friendship between a man who has lost his job and a dog from a nearby park, which also does not have a job. The story starts in an ordinary way, like all the stories that later go on to be more complicated and get a completely new meaning. This is, basically, a thriller, and I do not want to retell it because I might inadvertently reveal who the killer is. What I was interested in while writing the text is the current economic and political situation in Serbia. However, it is not told in that ordinary play-politics manner that only has its effect and value while the political issue is current.

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