Kormak Makarti




Kormak Makarti


Milica and Branislav Mihajlovic

Direction and adaptation

Voja Brajovic

Set and costume adaptation:

Jelisaveta Tatic Cuturilo

Production manager

Dragisa Curguz


October, 24th, 2015.


115 minutes


Voja Brajovic


Sergej Trifunovic


Voja Brajovic

A word by the director

Inspired by the work of Cormac McCarthy, I want this play to entice people to a critical attitude and awareness about where this world is headed to. And, of course, above all, I want it to prompt them to philanthropy, which has a great power to prevent the downfall of the civilisation. In my opinion, for man, culture is the best medicine and his greatest weapon, and its most significant segments are art and word.

Sergej Trifunovic

A word by the actor

In the beginning, there was the word. The word, which is simultaneously the most expensive and the cheapest commodity. Nothing is underestimated as much as the word. I am trying to write something for the programme, but futility of my own action is sneering at me. If it were possible to write anything worthwhile, this performance would be worthless. This is not a play. This is the reality which all of us will keep running against until the end of our lives, that train without a conductor, whose first, last and all the stops in between, are forever unknown.

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