Vladimir Djurdjevic




Vladimir Djurdjevic


Marko Misiraca

Set Designer

Milenko Jeremic

Costume Designer

Jelena Simovic

Music Composer

Branislav Pipovic

Assistant Set Designer

Nikola Nikolic

Production Manager

Dragisa Curguz


December, 26th, 2014.


90 minutes


Tihomir Stanic

Daniel Guli, the dramaturge and general manager of the theatre

Branislav Zeremski

Јоvan Debeljacki, his partner, the actor

Miodrag Krstovic

Hadzi Petar Protic, Andjela’s father, the minister

Vesna Stankovic

Stana Protic, Andjela’s mother

Petar Strugar / Stefan Radonjic

Denis Guli, Daniel’s son

Iskra Brajovic

Аndjela Protic, Denis’s fiancé

Snezana Savic

Маrija Filipovic, Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, Denis’s mother

Из представе Бајка о позоришту

Vladimir Djurdjevic

A word by the author

A FAIRYTALE ABOUT THE THEATRE is a comedy. Although it has a word “fairytale” in the title, this play is, unfortunately, much closer to reality than any fairytale we have come to know. The play presents us with the predicament Serbian culture and, above all, Serbian theatre is in, and whether the members of the Serbian political elite know how to appreciate art and culture of their country.

The Serbian political scene has taken travesty and change of clothes, its main model and basic rule of survival, to such an extent that people working in the theatre and culture can only take notice of the phenomenon, and helplessly mock and make fun of it with a lump in their throats.

Marko Misiraca

A word by the director

This play has marked an important anniversary – 30 years since the opening of the Zvezdara theatre – and it continues the tradition of the theatre by presenting its audience with contemporary Serbian texts which, under the comic disguise, engage in a dialogue with the current events and enquire about them.

Звездара Театар