Nebojsa Romcevic




Nebojsa Romcevic


Egon Savin


Vesna Popovic

Costume Designer

Jelena Stokuca


Dragisa Curguz

Lighting Designer

Radovan Samolov and Nemanja Calic

Sound Designers

Nikola Jovovic and Novak Askovic

Property Master

Miodrag Tesovic

Wardrobe Assistant

Lidija Nikolic


Nikola Vukelic

Poster and Video Designer

Stevo Mandic


Aleksandra Ilic


October, 8th, 2016.


75 minutes


Aleksandar Djurica


Radoslav Milenkovic

Jean Claude M'Bebe

Mladen Andrejevic


Marko Bacovic

Jack Bauer

Из представе Пасивно пушење
Из представе Пасивно пушење
Из представе Пасивно пушење
Из представе Пасивно пушење
Из представе Пасивно пушење
Из представе Пасивно пушење

Egon Savin

A word by the director

When we were kids, they taught us in school to believe in the communist heaven. We were convinced that America and England will soon become proletarian states. Process took time. Anyway, utopias belong to childish dreams.

When we entered puberty, they started, with the help of television, to poison us with the dream of the nation. We cheered fanatically for the leader and national state. The nightmare cost us a lot of our blood and the blood from our next to kin.

When we grew up, despite cordons, we took down the dictatorship and collectively, in the streets we were getting drunk with a dream of citizen freedom, tolerance, culture… It seems that this democratic dream has had the shortest legs.

Today, when we are already pensioners, they are waving at us with the dream of prosperity and legal state in a society of European nations. We are running towards it as if it were our last thing. At the moment we are stuck in the gates of heaven, because the gates are merely ajar so we can take a peek into a happier world.

What we will dream in the future, it doesn’t matter anymore. Our life went by in dreaming planted dreams.

Nebojsa Romcevic

A word by the writer


One of the eternal questions about the nature of comedy is a subject of comedy. So today, we believe that some topics can and some can not be allowed to become a comic material.

Comedy has such a wicked nature ridicule its object, desacralize it, make it trivial. History, on the other hand, showed that, from a certain historical distance, all the “holy places” carry grain of autoparody in it that, over time, gain in strength.

We can say that the context in which we live is dramatic and bloody; full of human and civilizational drama, suffering, hunger and injustice. And certainly, this is not a subject that can easily become the material of comedy. However, the rhetoric and practice behind the whole horror in which we are immersed, it certainly is. The war that takes place in the flesh, conceived in words, discourses, finished intellectual models just missing God to become a dogma. In each of the many political discourses self-destruction and destruction of others is built in. Each of them has its own system of values within which it is known who are the innocent victims and who are the terrorists and murderers.

As if all this is not in itself enough comic, bloody hilarious, we have added our favorite comic heroe – Serb intellectual who is ready to die in order to be liked. In this basic need to enjoy, to be praised by a Commissioner or Chancellor, our Serb remains without a single conviction, but for each he is ready to die … or at least to leave others to die for it.

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